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Welcome to Lower Reule Bioenergy
operating a modern Anaerobic Digestion plant

  • Food Waste Recycling

    Our process converts food waste into energy and biofertiliser.

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  • Biofertiliser

    The nutrient rich by-product we produce is used to fertilise crops and produce more food.

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  • Zero waste to Landfill

    We can recycle all of your food waste to produce green energy.

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Welcome to Lower Reule Bioenergy.  We are a family run business set in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside that operates a modern and sustainable Anaerobic Digestion plant.

As a family with a rich farming history, the principle of ‘waste not, want not’ is in our blood and we are passionate about getting the best value out of resources.  We apply this philosophy in our business by recycling food waste otherwise destined for landfill and turning it into renewable energy for more than 3,500 local homes and businesses

We are committed to providing a cost effective, reliable and secure solution to the collection and recycling of food, drink and other organic wastes.

We pride ourselves on the partnerships we have built with the suppliers of our food waste as well as the local farming community that receive our PAS110 certified fertiliser.  Our core value is to provide a flexible but competitive service that is based on strong partnerships that will ensure these relationships continue to thrive.

Lower Reule Bioenergy
    • Location

      Brookfield Farm
      ST20 0BG

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